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In the coming weeks I’m moving my social butterflies over to a more personalized account… I’ll still post under Yield Media, where my focus will remain on progressive voices, and client work. My new account will be much more fun, daily, and hopefully enjoyable to browse.

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Donna Summer & Dolly Parton…I can’t even


Donna Summer & Dolly Parton…I can’t even

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Certainly the best explanation i ever saw on tumblr.

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Cartoon by Robert Leighton. For more:

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From Pompadours to Fades, New Art Celebrates Black Women’s Hair: Colorlines

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Artist Bobby Neal Adams takes on the journey of aging in his newest series of photos, AgeMaps. He splices and dices photos of the same person from their youth and adulthood to create a dual portrait.  The effect is equal parts horrifying and heartwarming. 

This isn’t the artist’s first foray into the concept of a dual portrait- he has equally curious works exploring facial similarities between family and couples

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Ho ho ho! It's Jedd's Holiday Pop Up Shop!

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170-foot trampoline installed in a Russian forest.

YES PLEASE. (via Colossal, ht Mr. Douglas Q. Smith)


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Cartoon by Ariel Molvig. For more:

Evil pasta

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Panorama from last night. (via Reddit) 

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Governor Cuomo said you should have fresh frosted oatmeal cinnamon cookies, right? #sandy #baking #nyc

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Love is a great thing, and I LOVE this poster designed by a good friend from Yield Media in New York City!

We are closing in on voting day, please be sure to spread the word and this image! VOTE NO!

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Hot @sunnydelebreau (Taken with Instagram)

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Put a bow on it. (Taken with Instagram)

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